Working Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow

Is it possible to combine a broad portfolio of construction, engineering and facilities services with a commitment to sustainability?

The example set by Ecowelle, a Chessington-based business, suggests that the answer is a resounding yes.

Working towards a sustainable tomorrow” is Ecowelle’s powerful mission statement.

We understand sustainability cannot be achieved unless affordable, efficient and suitable solutions are offered to our clients for their new installations, upgrades and services.

Ecowelle has extended its reach impressively since its foundation as a project management company in 2011. It diversified first to offer construction and engineering services, then added facilities management to its list of capabilities.

Recent projects have included building work at the Mental Health Assessment Unit at Kingston Hospital. Ecowelle was responsible for bricklaying, ground works, joinery, decoration and final snagging.

Further a field, Ecowelle delivered building cladding, fire protection and internal installations at Paxton Academy Sports and Science in Thornton Heath.

Efficient and affordable services are, meanwhile, provided on an ongoing basis through hundreds of facilities management projects.

At the heart of Ecowelle’s work is a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. This inspires the team to offer affordable, high quality facilities management services.

Ecowelle looks after vulnerable members of the community by offering reduced prices and energy efficiency upgrades. It also promotes a safe environment by offering safety checks on commercial, residential and industrial properties at half-price for businesses and free of charge for charities.

Ecowelle has given dozens of graduates a start in construction, engineering and business management through internships and apprenticeships. It shows its support for the community through charitable contributions and participation in local events.

The versatile range of services offered by Ecowelle spans the breadth of construction, engineering and facilities management. It brings building, refurbishment and maintenance expertise to residential and commercial properties.

From its headquarters in the Chessington Business Centre, Ecowelle runs a dedicated team of experienced engineers and installers.

We have a commitment to quality and customer service – but also to contributing to a healthier environment through the various schemes we operate. One of the ways we do this is to use the most energy efficient building and facilities management techniques.

It is genuinely important to every member of our team that we do an excellent job – but also that we make a meaningful contribution to our community.


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