Corporate Social Responsibility

Contribution for Environment:

By using most energy efficient and smart building and facilities management solutions while running our Construction Projects or Facilities Management Services where we deal with Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, LPG and/ or any Renewable Energy sources at our clients’ establishment.

Affordability for quality services for everyone:

We run promotional campaigns for energy efficient upgrades for vulnerable personals of our society by offering reduced prices, 0% APR and generous Annual Service Contracts for Commercial Buildings.


Skills Sharing:

Skill sharing is one key responsibility we find as a corporate. We have graduated tens of graduates in construction, engineering, and business management. Every year, we employ intern and apprentices from trades colleges to train and induct them into the industry.

Promoting Safe Environment:

Promoting Safe Environment in Commercial, Residential, and Industrial sector by running offers for half price safety checks for businesses and free of charge for charity organisation.


To the society and organisation working for general public and vulnerable is promoted among our company staff by contributing financially and providing time totake part in local events in support of community


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