Environmental Sustainability

Ecowelle has always aimed to provide its clients with efficient Gas and Heating solutions that excels in performance and sustainability. Being a service-oriented engineering firm, the potential of environmental damaging processes or products are considerably low.

It is ensured that a sustainable solution is being delivered to each client using high quality products which longevity which requires minimum service repairs or replacement. This reduces the amount of waste materials and scraps. Along with the sustainability, this benefits the clients through significant cost savings.

Energy saving measures are achieved in each of the projects through the well-designed installations and quality checks. Quality installations reduce the loss of energy thereby helping the client to receive the maximum possible output from the system without additional power wastage.

Ecowelle firmly believes in the safe disposal policy. It ensures the proper disposal of waste materials according the appropriate categories. These material categories include metal scraps, hazardous liquids or consumables, plastics, wood and paper. It is strictly monitored and ensured that such materials are cleared from the site immediately after the completion of the work and no items or waste materials are left uncleared.

Qualified contractors with approved accreditations are hired in the sorting and disposal of the waste from the site. HSE (Health & Safety Execute) approved contractors are hired to clear the hazardous materials which ensures the appropriate and efficient disposal of such wastes without causing any harmful effects to the environment.

Only fuel-efficient vehicles are used by Ecowelle for the transport of engineers, tools and materials.

Recycling of materials is given utmost importance and all the recyclables such as metals, glass, etc. from the work site and the paper waste from office are recycled helping in contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Ecowelle’s commitment to proper disposal of waste and sustainability is evident from the fact that there have been no reports, complaints, warnings or actions taken against the firm regarding pollution or environmental damage.

Most of the communication between Ecowelle and the clients regarding quotes, invoices and certificates takes place through emails which reduce the amount of paper used within the organisation thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

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