Boilers & Plant-Room Maintenance

Our fleet of well-equipped engineers are trained, accredited, and registered with Gas Safe & we have (NICEIC/ Elecsa) Registered Electrical Contractors on board.

Ecowelle Facilities covers maintenance for Catering appliances, COMCAT1-5 and provide all below amenities:

Site Service Visit Record File/ Logbook

Service visits throughout the year, for all gas and electrical appliances and to carry out Gas Safety Checks and conditioning checks (for electrical) catering appliances

Emergency breakdown callouts are covered within our service agreement

Complete servicing for Ovens, Cookers, Griddles, Fryers, Fish Fryers, Conveyorized Ovens as per manufacturer’s specifications

Carry out Gas Safety Checks once in a year for the Plant Room and issue the Gas Safety Certificate on successful results as required by GSIUR 1998; Electrical appliances checks for condition and provide a report for any repair

Inspect the filters for hot water and heating servicing. Clean the filters and/or replace them where required with new meshes. The meshes’ replacement will be carried out at least once a year, where required

Submit the Service Visit Report for each visit, throughout the year, for the reference of client

Inspect the ventilation exhaust and interlocking system in a commercial kitchen

Carry out Kitchen Ventilation & Exhaust checks and report as per DW172

Check Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Installations for Gas, Water and Heating on each visit and enter the data into (client’s) Service Logbook for Site Managers and to save Service Record with us for any ready reference where required

Maintenance of the catering appliances throughout the year. Service notes from each visit will be submitted and any upgrade requirement will be updated for the client’s reference

Assist the client for any future development/extensions and further requirements on site where required

Record of the Spares and Site Visits’ Material and update client timely to arrange any required repair work, descaling and/ or further upgrade where required

Take care of any accidental damages for site, record-keeping and to assist with any possible insurance claims where required

Complete gas catering paperwork and EME sketches, tags to update

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