Quality Policy Statement

The quality policy of Ecowelle sets out to demonstrate the Company’s professionalism to complete contracts efficiently, on time and to our client’s total satisfaction.

The company aims to achieve the highest quality standards and to create a benchmark for the industry.

Our intention is to ensure that our clients perceive us as being the best in our field.

The planning, implementation, control, monitoring, achievement, and improvement of these standards are to be attained by:

Providing commitment and leadership from the directors and management

Identify risks and opportunities to the quality system

Regular management reviews

Continuous improvement

Specifying the standard of workmanship required

Ensuring that all employees are provided with adequate training, information and instruction to competently carry out their work activities to the required standard.

Continuous monitoring of installation work

Continuous monitoring of the management system

Final inspection prior to hand over to the client

All employees are aware of our commitment to quality and are responsible for the standard of their workmanship and are to strictly adhere to the ‘Smart Engineer’s Code’.

We require the full co-operation and support from all our employees and of the employees of other specialist sub-contractors in adopting our commitment to quality, safety, health and environmental standards and procedures.

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